Yaletown’s History

Expo ShuttleScience Worldexpo-86-buildings.jpgPre-Expo Beside Granville Street Bridgeexpo-site.jpg

Yaletown has been a vital part of Vancouver since it’s birth over a hundred years ago. The Canadian Pacific Railway set up shop in Yaletown, bringing business and opportunity to this once empty forest area in Vancouver. It thrived in its warehouse days, then became deserted with the advent of the truck and trailers. Industry favoured the access of the highway, and preferred shipment with trucks. Expo 86 then sparkeda whole new era for Vancouver. It showed the world that Vancouver and Especially Yaletown was one of the best places to live in the world. It offered comfortable living encompassed between the great outdoors. Concord Pacific’s Li Ka Shing, a world known Asian developer and business man purchased the former expo lands. There was an immense amount of work put into developing the site. Concord Pacific worked closely with the City of Vancouver to master plan the area to make it as nature friendly and liveable as possible. The public was greatly considered a part of this planning. They were included in discussion and debate surrounding the parks, zoning, recreation, planning and other issues affecting the public.