Yaletown Promotes Healthy Living

As part of Yaletown’s lifestyle comes the benefit of health. The dense aspect of Yaletown living helps to keep its residents happy and healthy.”1Study after study has found that residents of post war suburbs are more likely to be obese and to suffer far more chronic health problems than their counterparts in more walk able neighborhoods.” Health Canada recomends half an hour of exercise a day, people living in Yaletown are more likely to fullfill these requirements. People can walk to work, school, church, activities and to get groceries. All this movement creates endorphins, making residents happier and healthier at the same time.

In todays society, many people are concerned for the health of the planet. Dense living promotes a healthy environment. “Density is more efficient than sprawl. It gobbles up farmland, and wilderness.”1There are less cars being used in dense areas like Yaletown. The Suburbs forced peopleto use cars because nothing was walkable. Dense communities like Yaletown promote walking as the means of transportation. This is a great thing for our well being, wallets and the health of Mother Earth. 

Walking for Health

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