Yaletown, The Heart of Vancouver


Yaletown is the heart of Vancouver leading the way in in lifestyle and entertainment. Yaletown received  its name in the 19th century when the Canadian Pacific Railroad moved its rail yards and repair facilities from Yale, in theFraserRiver canyon, to the new Yaletown in the False Creek North area. 

Historically it has been known as Vancouver’s warehouse district. This is evident today in the warehouses that line the streets which are protected under Heritage status and still hold there old charm with  exposed bricks and beams in building such as Murchies. Along Homer Streetyou will also several sought after condominium buildings such as The Beasely,  Beresford, Domus, Bentley, 1180 Homer, Ellison, 1241 Homer, and H&H.

Canadian Pacific Railway built a roundhouse in the area, which is still utilized to today as the Roundhouse Community Centre, at the corner of Pacific and Drake. It features the famous Centennial train, which is an important part of our Canadian history. This was the first to cross train to cross Canada upon completion of the railroad.

Yaletown is  home a variety of successful business including fashionable boutiques, pet outfitters, architectural firms, galleries, hair studios, and designer furniture stores. World renowned for its variety of exciting restaurants including: Glowball, The Opus Hotel and Elixer lounge, Goldfish, Coast, Pinky’s, Cacutus club, Yaletown Brewery and of lateTequila Kitchen.  Aamong the many wonderful establishments on Hamiliton Street you will find the stylish residential New Yorker, and Alda.   

Yaletown is a very desirable area for locals and visitors to live and play. Self contained within a small radius of only a few city blocks between Drake and Smith it is a world within itself.  Whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it here with a lifestyle that is second to none which is why many choose Yaletown to call home.

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