Vancouver Waterfront Specialist, Debra Porteus

Debra Porteus Debra Porteus, Waterfront Specialist

Vancouver-born Real Estate professional Debra Porteous is another of our trusted realtor colleagues here at Downtown Suites. Debra applies her specialized marketing and education background to Vancouver’s waterfront properties and is an experienced sales expert in Vancouver’s luxury waterfront homes from False Creek to Coal Harbour.

As integrity, confidentiality and respect for clients is the foundation of her business, we are very grateful for her referrals to investor clients. Like many in our network of trusted and established realtors, Debra has acquired many achievement awards over the years. She is in the top 5% of all Vancouver realtors and has been a Gold Master Member of MLS Medallion Club of Greater Vancouver for 14 consecutive years. Within Re/Max, she has received the Re/Max Hall of Fame Award (over 700 homes sold), the Re/Max Chairman’s Club (top volume of sales within the company) and Re/Max Platinum Club Award (top level of sales achievement in the industry,) and was one of the top 100 Re/Max Residential Sales Agents in Canada (2006.)
(originally posted August 1, 2007)