Top Producer Gregg Baker, Realty Professional

Gregg Baker Gregg Baker, McDonald Realty

A key realtor who has referred investor clients to us is Gregg Baker, of McDonald Realty. Having specialized in Vancouver’s West Side, Downtown and Coal Harbour condominium market for over 15 years, he has established a strong reputation for his knowledge,work ethic, and professionalism. He has made the MLS Medallion Club, ( top 5% of Vancouver realtors) each year since 1996, and is a well known Top Producer for Macdonald Realty, among the top 5 agents of Macdonald Realty Ltd. (#1 resale condomimium properties). We’re very pleased at Downtown Suites to be a Property Management company that Gregg trusts us to recommend our services to his condominium investment clients.
(originally posted July 30, 2007)