New Page for “Leased Condos”

All the condos and suites that have been leased through Downtown Suites Ltd. since January, 2011, are now listed on a unique page at our website.

This list can give you an accurate idea of the kinds of suites and condos Downtown Suites manages, with most recent rental rates indicating the current market. We work closely with owners to ensure that the current rental market is reflected when setting the leasing fee for suites and condos. You may notice that the price per square foot varies considerably from suite to suite. This is due to many variable factors such as building amenities, view and location.

The many other suites also in our portfolio, including some very long-term rentals, are not listed here as they were leased before 2011.

  • Click the image or link here to check out our Leased Condos.
  • Contact Nicholas Meyer ( for a confidential assessment of the rental potential of your suite or condo.