Latest Bulletins for November

Some of our recent news bulletins (from Facebook), showing what we’ve been working on and thinking about at Downtown Suites this past week.

Studio suites for rent continue to be popular with singles and couples, being a lower monthly rent than most 1 bdrm suites in downtown Vancouver

While the European sovereign-debt crisis in the past several months re-ignited tensions in global financial markets and heightened uncertainty about the world economy, the effect on Canada’s housing market so far might not have been all negative,” the report states.
B.C., Vancouver housing affordability edges up: RBC
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If you need to have an evaluation of your suites’ rental potential we are happy to provide you with a complimentary rental market evaluation that is realistic. Too often owners are too optimistic on what they can achieve for rent prior to closing and then are surprised at the reality of the rental market.

The rental market is softening slightly says our leasing manager, Lisa Taylor. It is not unusual now to have multiple showings for the same suite and pricing has to be right on market.

Rent increase review time again…we regularly check current market pricing to ensure that your suite is performing as it should.