Weekly Update

Last Week’s Viewings

This week was a great one for Downtown Suites as far as rentals are concerned. We rented a lot of our 1 bedrooms within the $1500 and below price range.

1 Bedroom, 500-600sf, $900-$1500- 290 Inquiries

1 Bedroom, 600-700sf, $1600-$1800 –13 Inquiries

2 Bedroom, 700-1000sf, $1900-$2500 – 5 Inquiries
2-3 Bedroom, 1000-1400sf, $2600-$3000+ – 46 Inquiries

The majority of all our viewers are interested in the suites that are available in the downtown core, as it is in the price range that people most people can afford.

Coal Harbour and Yaletown are bringing in viewers but the price range is on the higher end so the amount of people interested are a bit less. We have seen an increasing number of people coming to the showings in this area as the weeks go by due to the drop in rental prices (in some cases.)