Vancouver Investment appeals to International Owners

Vancouver property appeals to international owners. Why? Because Vancouver is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in the world, with ocean air, good water and the buoyant Canadian economy. Vancouver offers a relatively crime-free and safe place to live, with a good lifestyle. International owners see that property costs in Vancouver are relatively low, offering comparable good value. Compared to Manhattan and London we are half the price. In fact we have people flying in from London for the weekend, buying a place, and going home.

At Downtown Suites, many of our clients come from overseas, or lead busy lives. Not wanting to manage an investment on a day to day basis, they trust us to manage their property. Last month we met with clients from Hawaii, Washington DC, and the Yukon. Some clients live nearby, such as in Whiterock. Some are retired people, managing their investments by engaging us to look after their rental properties.

Some of our finest luxury suitescan be found in the prestigious Coal Harbour area, near to both the downtown business district and the beauty of nature at Stanley Park. In the next postings, I’ll be chatting about some of the aspects of Coal Harbour, which is counted among the most luxurious waterfront locations in the world.