The Sale We Didn’t Make

Last year we were managing a large 2 bedroom suite in Yaletown, and over the years we had become very close with the owners. We were in constant communication with them, remitting their rent to them on a monthly basis, and we’d also done some general contracting for them.

So when it came time for them to take profit and sell, they immediately came to us as their representatives in Vancouver to list the property. But we knew that this suite had been originally referred to us by a prominent west side realtor, who had, over the years, slipped from their memory.

We reminded the owners who their realtor representative was, and put them back in touch with one another. The realtor managed to make a million dollar sale, and was very happy for it.

It was “the sale we didn’t make”, but we did do the right thing and referred it back to where it came from. We always value our ongoing relationships with our referring realtors over any personal gain.