EcoDensity Action Proposals for Vancouver

Councillor Suzanne Anton sent out this info in her recent newsletter, with links to download PDFs of the proposals from the City of Vancouver. We thought we’d share these with you here.

Bigger basements, suites within suites, and laneway housing:  EcoDensity is making an impact

  • EcoDensity Action item C-6:  More Options for Rental Secondary Suites (basements):

Those of you with tiny crawl space basements will appreciate that the city has been needing to change the zoning around basement space for some time now.  Well, coming from the EcoDensity initiative, this has now been accomplished.   In return for a slightly smaller area above ground, the basement can be significantly bigger and higher out of the ground in new homes.  Renovations to existing homes can accommodate bigger basements, with some qualifications.  If you are thinking basements, have a look here: PDF Download

  • EcoDensity Action item C-6:  More Options for Rental Secondary Suites (suites within suites):

You may have been hearing about the tiny suites. This proposal, for public hearing in July, would allow all townhouses and condos to be built with a lockable separate suite within the main unit.  Mortgage helper for new condo owners, baby’s bedroom later on. Have a look here: PDF Download

  • EcoDensity Action item C-5:  Laneway housing:

And the famous laneway housing proposal (your garage could be a home for a person instead of a car) is also coming up for public hearing in July.  One of the big decision points is (a) 2 parking spaces, 1.5 stories or (b) 1 space, 1 story.

Public hearing is coming up – send in your comments to

And for inspiration, be sure to check out Smallworks, the Vancouver design-build company that developed the prototype laneway house shown at the BC Home Show February 09.