Downtown Suites Presentation
Ozzie Jurock and Nic Meyer
Ozzie Jurock and Nic Meyer
Real Estate Action Group, Sept. 2010
Real Estate Action Group Meeting

Nic Meyer and Lisa Taylor recently presented to Ozzie Jurock’s Real Estate Action Group, for their September Meeting.

Talking about the pitfalls to avoid in renting suites and condos, Nic and Lisa went over all the reasons why hiring a professional property management company is the smartest way to go.

The talk is here in 4 parts, along with slides from the presentation.

Video Part 1, Introduction from Ozzie Jurock. Why hire a professional management company? What does a management company do for you as an owner/investor?

Video Part 2, Pitfalls and tenant issues and how to avoid them

Video Part 3, More on pitfalls and tenant issues and how to avoid them

Video Part 4, Tenants to look out for, the value of working with experienced professional management, advice for owners.

View the slides that accompanied the talk