Buying in Vancouver BC

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Following is a transcript of the video on Buying in Vancouver, with Nicholas Meyer.

Hi, this is Nicholas Meyer. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at our video, and to try and think about how we can help you with an acquisition of a property in Vancouver.

We are definitely the company to come and see if you’re interested in purchasing a condominium in the downtown area.  We are among the four foremost company in that field, we’re leaders in the field in actual fact, and we’ve got a very, very long background, a deep background in this.

We know most of the buildings. We’ve been managing in them, or owning in them, or selling them, for many, many years now. I’ve been in the business for over twenty-five years, and have seen the business in this area change tremendously as we’ve experienced so much growth in Vancouver. But we’ve managed to keep pace with it, we know the good places, the bad places, we know all different areas, inside and out.

I was one of the original people to start selling condos in Vancouver, actually.  And there were only about three or four of us, believe it or not, in the early 1980s. Now, I think one of them’s still around, and the other two, I don’t see them anymore, they’ve gone on to greener pastures.  Obviously, there were a couple of others, but we were the only proponents, it’s funny enough.  Now, of course, there are hundreds of thousands of listings down here.  There were only four concrete buildings, at one point, but I’m digressing.

How can we help you? First of all, we’d have a consultation: phone me, e-mail me, we can discuss things, we can find out exactly how we can help you, and point you in the right direction, find out how much you want to invest.  What sort of down payment you have, whether you’ve got your financing.

I’ve got very good contacts, with senior managers and so forth, in the major financial institutions here, I know mortgage brokers, I know the good places to go for the notarizing, conveyancing, all of these things.  So, basically, when you come to deal with us, all these resources have been put at your disposal.  And we can help you with everything: building inspections, and, like I say, just from background knowledge.

We would have a discussion, no pressures whatsoever, just find out who you are, we’re not looking for business, particularly, we’re quite comfortable, we’d like to do some business to create some new friendships, and new associations. Most of our clients have been with us for many, many years.  We buy and sell for them, we have acquisitions, and we do dispositions, as necessary for their portfolios.

Always looking for new clients, though, and hopefully, we can work with you, and we very much look forward to assisting you with that.  So, the first part of the process is, as I’ve just mentioned, to have a chat, and see where that goes.

Next thing is, once we’ve identified what it is you’re looking for, and the price point, and the kind of property you’re looking for, we could do an automatic search for you, on the MLS, on our multiple listing service. And that would mean, as soon as a property gets listed, you would immediately get notification of it, on the same day.  So, that way, you’re always up-to-date with all the new product that’s coming on.

Once you decide you want to do, want to move forward with this, you’d like to see some property, and to discuss further, we can have a meeting in the office here, or I would make sure we have one of our associates show properties for you. I’m always involved in the buying process, always here to give you my many years of experience, and to consult with you on what is the best move for you.

I always make sure I have a thorough market analysis of what the properties are listing for, and what comparable sales have been.  That way, you know. The most important thing when you are buying, is to buy right. You make money when you buy, as long as you make a good, sound decision when you buy. And you don’t have to worry about later on, because properties always appreciate, always maintain their values,  but to make sure that you buy at the right price at the beginning is paramount.

So, we’d help you do that. And then, hand-hold you through all the buying processes. If you’re not from BC, we can help you with all the non-resident details. There’s nothing really to be concerned about here, we’re open for business in British Columbia, and we’re very happy to have people come here and buy real estate, and there’s no restrictions whatsoever on people owning here.

So it’s a very simple process, I’ll guide you through that.  If you need accounting, our in-house accountants will help you as well.

Thank you very much to take the time to view this video, and hopefully, it’s just a little brief introduction to the tip of the iceberg as to what our services are. Just to let you know, we are always here for you, and we provide a very personalized and thorough service.  You can trust us, we’ve been in business a long time, we own our offices here, we’re not carpet baggers, we’re seriously in the business of selling and managing people’s portfolios, here in downtown Vancouver.

Turnkey Investment Property in Vancouver

Another excellent  Turnkey investment property was acquired for our clients in Coal Harbour at Harbourside Tower, 208-555 Jervis Street. This property was acquired in November of 2008 and came complete with a long term qualified tenant in place.

It was one of the best values in Coal Harbour at one of the premier waterfront development properties in the area. This south-facing studio overlooks Pender St right in the heart of Coal Harbour which is located just steps from the Stanley Park Seawall, Urban Fare, Robson Street. And close proximity to the best of everything the city has to offer. This suite is perfect for those looking for a pied-a-terre.

Our clients were thrilled to add this perfect little suite to their investment portfolio which is professionally managed by the Downtown Suites team.

The suite was purchased by one of our clients and we are now managing it for them as a rental property.