Nic Meyer Travels From the Desert to London

Keeping up with Nic’s adventures. After he completed the desert cycling tour he went on to London in the UK for the school reunion. Here are few snaps from his phone:

With Attala a Bedouin man in Little Petra, just after a 40k ride.
In London, and wearing the old school tie!
Nic Meyer’s Excellent Adventure
Nic Meyer on a cycling tour in Jordan

Nic Meyer, President of Downtown Suites, is taking some well-deserved time away from Vancouver.

A seasoned traveller and avid cyclist, he’s now in Jordan on a cycling tour that includes Petra, the Dead Sea, and many ancient sites.

From Jordan he will head over to London for a school reunion. It is a significant event: the invitational 50th anniversary of the long-established Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School’s current location. Originally a guild school, founded in 1690, the “new” location has seen many prominent London events, and the Lord Mayor of London and other dignitaries will no doubt be present for the October 12th celebration.If you’re curious about the school, find out more here at wikipedia.

He’ll be going to Wales with an old school friend, and they plan to go to a premier league soccer game before his return to Vancouver.
(Nic was looking forward to stopping by one of his favourite vegetarian London eateries: Eat and Two Veg, but unfortunately word is that this restaurant is now closed.)

We’ll post more pix of his trip as he sends them over. In his absence Downtown Suites continues as usual!