Vancouver Olympic Buildup Featured in New York Times Today

Vancouver is given a big boost in today’s New York Times, in the Great Homes, Lifestyles and Destinations section, outlining many of the reasons why investors and second-home buyers worldwide choose to invest in Vancouver real estate.

The article:

Preening for the Olympics, Vancouver Is Building Up

By DAVE CALDWELL Published: December 4, 2008

EVEN when it rains hard in Vancouver, British Columbia, the host city for the next Olympic Games, big yellow backhoes at construction sites near Coal Harbour.…(view full article here)

Those involved in local real estate estimate that about 20 percent of those second-home buyers will be Americans. “We’re really livable, which is why America likes us,” said Bob Rennie, whose company, Rennie Marketing Systems, promotes several developments in Vancouver.

Click the link to view the stunning slide show “Building Vancouver’s Olympic Future” from today’s New York Times. It shows through spectacular photography the beauties of the city of Vancouver.

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