Skating on a Wordless Wednesday
An abstract painting?  No, its the glass door to the skating rink on Robson Street, with the Olympic logo
An abstract painting? No, it's the glass door to the skating rink on Robson Street, with the Olympic logo

Image by Carol Browne

New Fall Update Video

Just posted the new Fall Update in our featured video section. If you are getting this from our newsfeed, you can see the video here:

2010 Olympics

With the 2010 Winter Olympics just around the corner, we’ve been asked many times just what is the policy at Downtown Suites.

And in our recent email to our owners, we gave them this brief outline:

  • Please be advised we do not have a program for Olympic short term accommodations next February.
  • We are involved in long term rentals and this short term two week window is not something that we wish to deal with.
  • To acquire furnishings and equipment for a suite for such a short period is really not feasible. In addition, there will be strict rules prohibiting eviction of tenants for this purpose – and do you want your place turned into a hotel room?
  • We will also advise tenants that sub letting is prohibited.
  • One thing we are certain of is that there will be a glut of inventory on the unfurnished market when they are over.
  • Margaret went to a meeting with VANOC last April which outlined some of the realities of this market, I would encourage you to read her notes from the meeting: Letter from Margaret re: Olympics.

Earlier in the year we addressed this situation, and you can see the video commentary here at Vancouver and Olympic Rentals (Aug.09), and also Upcoming Olympics (April 09)

Vancouver and Olympic Rentals

Nicholas Meyer on Vancouver and Olympic Rentals: the Downtown Suites approach.

Another idea:

(If you are reading this as part of your email subscription to Downtown Suites News, link to the videos here: Olympics 1, A New Twist on Olympic Rental.)

Vancouver Inukchuk on a Wordless Wednesday

Inukchuk in Vancouver, beach by Kitsilano

“Wordless Wednesday” is a blog tradition followed by many bloggers. All that gets posted on a Wednesday is an image. More Wordless Wednesday bloggers can be found here.

Image by rohan.