Penticton and Ucluluet Ban Short Term Rentals

We have advised several times that there are more and more restrictions coming on for furnished rentals – incidentally, we find them not to be a good option for landlords.
Many buildings are increasingly making it difficult for owners by either outlawing them completely or imposing hefty move in fees every time someone comes in with a suitcase. Now, may be shapes of things to come at the municipal level, it has come to our attention that Ucluluet on Vancouver Island and now the Okanagan town of Penticton have banned short term rentals from residential neighbourhoods. Penticton is warning tourists that they could lose their deposits if they stay in illegal rentals and Landlords will be fined on a second offence if reported. So now besides the possibiliity of expected high vacancies and high overheads, short term rentals can be ruled illegal! For further details on the pitfalls of short term rentals, please see my video blogs on the subject.
(originally posted May 31,2007)