Latest Facebook Postings – Nov.’11

Keep up with our active office on Facebook – here are some of this week’s postings:

  • Thinking more about how we have to increase density get more people in to the city, increase our tax base AND make housing more affordable. Why can’t we let every developer build 10 extra floors on every building and make them rentals. Rentals are fast becoming unaffordable in the city. Please can we find some politicians with the cojones to do something instead of just yap and do nothing?

Replacing Vancouver’s aging rental stock to maintain affordable housing options is going to be financially painful and politically distasteful >Unless neighbourhoods accept higher building densities, there will be no new development and homeowner taxes will continue to climb By Peter M…

  • Surrey projected to become the largest city in BC within a decade (currently 12th) … no wonder with new condos still selling under $200k it is an affordable place for people to live. Also, they have greatly expanded their tax base. Maybe our mayoral candidates could look to Surrey for some guidelines in making the city more prosperous!! lol

Surrey tops real estate investment opportunities in B.C.

Surrey has been ranked number 1 in the Real Estate Investment Network’s (REIN) latest report on the top cities and towns in B.C. for real estate investment.

  • We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding our fast response times, especially in response to tenant concerns such as repairs/maintenance and noise complaints. Whenever an issue arises, we are committed to rectifying it as soon as possible.
  • Housing Forecast Points to Market Stability in 2012

  • Signing tenancy agreement for December 1st and agreement extensions for the next year. Many of our tenants wish to stay and extend the fixed terms of their agreements
  • At Downtown Suites we do not charge extra for renewing existing leases, all part of our service. Many competitors charge 25% of the rent for doing this. Another good reason to choose DTS as your rental manager. Honest, fair and reliable.
  • NR6 2012 packages are going out today sometime to our Non-Resident owners for signature. Once received back our controller will sign off and we will submit to CRA for processing in early 2012.
  • Scheduling this month’s annual inspections…we do regular inspections to ensure that the properties we manage are in good condition, to maintain both the quality of the owner’s investment and the comfort of the tenant.