Great Handyman!

I just wanted to let you know that your handyman does great work! He’s come a few times and I’ve complained about several deficiencies to him and he’s fixed them! Here’s a list of the things he has done in the rental unit:

  • Installed the mirrored closet door which was missing when we moved in.
  • California window shutters in the solarium: he’s fixed them so they sit properly and also can be kept open (he put some Velcro in to hold them in place).
  • Ensuite: he aligned the cabinet doors (under the sink) properly.
  • Walk-through closet door: he fixed it (it hadn’t been sliding properly).
  • Ensuite sink: he removed the tap, cleaned it and reassembled it so that it no longer leaks (it was dripping previously).
  • Main bathroom: he recaulked the tub.
  • Replaced light bulbs.
  • He has done a couple of other things too but I can’t remember right now!

Thanks for sending him. We are very pleased! (Vancouver Tenants A.E.)