Cissy Lei and Jocelyn Fougere tour the Agents Opens


Jocelyn Fougere are Cissy Lei took part in Viewing many Agents Opens today Friday April 4th, 2008.

This is a new thing we will be doing every Friday to get familiar with the realtors and all new listings in the downtown core, Yaletown, West End (English Bay), Coal Harbour, Gastown and False Creek North areas. There are many buyers looking to invest in the Downtown Vancouver Market. Downtown Suites Ltd. is a great help to investors, we do all the work for you. At the moment we charge a half months rent to get new tenants then 8% each month (12% for non Canadian residents, due to the extra work). The realtors at the opens were very curious to know about the service our company offers, and our opinion on the rental market.

There are many reasons why owners would want to rent out their suites. To name a few reasons: Owners may be away and wanting to return to their suite in the future, owners may be holding their suite as a revenue producing investment or keeping the suite for future retirement plans.  Whatever the case may be, Downtown Suites Ltd. will deal with any suite needing to be rented. There is no need to worry about renters as we only rent to tenants who have a great track record and credit score of over 600.