We are Vancouver’s foremost rental management specialists.
Find out how we can help you find a quality tenant for your property!

We are Vancouver’s foremost rental management specialists

Find out how we can help you find a quality tenant for your property!

Looking to maximize your profits and maintain your property values?

Profitable and carefree ownership

Whether it’s golfing, sailing, or skiing, you can enjoy more of it when you put your property in our hands.

Downtown Suites, a boutique property management and real estate company, specializes in strata-titled suites, apartments, town homes and town houses in Downtown Vancouver and the Westside.
As licensed professionals under the B.C. Real Estate Act, we have been serving our clients for more than 25 years.

We provide expertise and individual attention to all the properties we manage or sell.
We offer comprehensive, fully customized suite management and sales.
Our clients enjoy profitable and carefree ownership.

Our management services cost less than what your time is worth


  • No fees for property lease renewals or extensions to existing tenants
  • All fees are DEDUCTIBLE for income tax purposes
  • Our fees are as competitive as any in the industry and our service is better!
  • NOTE! We do not upcharge on invoices from trades or charge extra for other services such as a lease renewal
  • If you analyze our fees compared to other first class rental management, we are certain you will find us the most reasonable overall
  • Lease up fee of a half month’s rent to secure a quality new tenant
  • No fees for property lease renewals or extensions to existing tenants
  • All fees are subject to GST and PST as required by law.
  • All of our property management fees are DEDUCTIBLE against your income for income tax purposes

All the condo apartments under our management are well maintained


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  • We are licensed rental property managers and all rent monies are held in trust.
  • Prompt response and attention to all repair requests.
  • Our tenancy agreements are governed by the Residential Tenancy Act of BC and we use the approved forms.
  • Unless otherwise noted all tenancies are for a minimum of one year’s lease.
  • We require at least one adult who will be residing in the suite to view it prior to application.
  • We require a minimum of two personal references.
  • We require a previous landlord reference.
  • Prospective tenants will be required to agree to our obtaining a credit reference and income verification.
  • Once approved, a deposit of one half month’s rent is required from the applicant.
  • Should pets be allowed, half a month’s rent is required for a pet deposit.
  • We pride ourselves in being excellent landlords; we have an A+  Better Business Bureau rating to prove it.
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It is important for you to carry a TENANT’S INSURANCE PLAN, and it is a condition of our rental agreement that all our tenants do. The approximate cost is from $28 month (for a $30,000 personal property coverage).


Are you a non-resident of Canada?

  • Please review the CRA website for the requirements for being considered a non- resident of Canada.
  • We are not tax consultants; if you have questions pertaining to your status, they should be made to your accountant. (Or you can contact our accountant Homa Pashaye homa@downtownsuites.com.)
  • The non-resident tax is currently set at 25% of net income which is favourable.
  • All non-resident owners are required by the Canadian Government to obtain either a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or an International Tax Number (ITN). Our accounting office will send you the online forms for application or download.
  • It takes approximately twelve weeks to process an ITN number.
  • We cannot pay any funds to a non-resident owner without either of the above.
  • The managing agent is responsible for withholding and remitting to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) 25% of the gross rent collected each month.
  • Non-residents are required to file income tax on an annual basis. If you need help with filing your income tax in Canada please contact our accountan homa@downtownsuites.com
  • Fees for filing income tax is $500 plus GST
  • We report to CRA the owner’s rental income and withholding tax on an NR4 information return which is due by March 31st. A copy is also sent to the owner or their accountant which needs to be included with their income tax.
  • If you sell your property in Canada you are required to request from CRA a Certificate of Compliance related to the disposition of your property not later than 10 days after the sale of the property. Penalty for late filing is $25 per day up to maximum of $2500. We suggest you send a request as soon as you receive an offer form the buyer. Our accounting department will also provide you with this service for a fee of $350 plus GST.
  • Our fee for remitting monthly taxes to CRA and annual filing of necessary paperwork and liaising with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is $30 per month.
  • All our fees are tax deductible and subject to GST.
  • For more information, please review the CRA website.

View the video: Nicholas Meyer outlines information for Non-Resident Owners contemplating a sale of their property.


Dear Realtors,

Nicholas Meyer
Nicholas Meyer

We would appreciate any referrals you may have in regards to your clients who have purchased for investment and who may be looking for a property manager and potential tenants.  It could also be a value-added service from you, to be able to recommend the property management services of a reputable company such as Downtown Suites Ltd.

  • As you may already know, Downtown Suites Ltd. is a firm of proven, professional, caring and conscientious people; the kind of people you can depend on, which is one of the reasons why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Your clients are always your clients, your name is on the file and is always referred back to the client should they advise they wish to make any real estate transaction.
  • I have personally been in the industry since 1978 and I started Downtown Suites back in 1994.
  • We own our own offices, clear title, at 1174 West Pender St. and  have five fully qualified licensed rental property managers on staff and two in house accountants to ensure that everything is well organized.
  • In addition, all funds are held in trust for the client and our books are audited annually by the Real Estate Council.
  • Our aims in managing our client’s property are high, and our fees are very fair and reasonable. (8% for ongoing 24/7 management no up-charging and 1/2 a months rent to secure tenants.)
  • We continually strive to offer the finest condominium property management service in downtown Vancouver.
  • We pride ourselves on service, and we will do whatever necessary to make you look good.
  • Please review our web site for further information on our company: www.downtownsuites.ca
  • In addition we are happy to send a fine dining certificate to you to show our appreciation.

Thank you once again for considering us, we appreciate your business.


Please be advised that I have known Nicholas Meyer for twelve years and upon my recent return to Canada from Australia I purchased three properties through Nicholas. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the market and his ability to negotiate very good prices on all three sales. I have found him to be a very upstanding, trustworthy and honest individual so much so that I have entrusted the management of these properties to him. I am also in the process of purchasing another property and of course will use Nicholas as my agent.
Lisa, Thank you for your awesome hard and dedicated search for the tenant. Nizar and I really appreciate your professional service.
We have been extremely impressed with your services from a renter’s perspective, right from the first moment we contacted you. A company that is paid by the owners yet treats their renters so well deserves praise. A renter that feels well treated is more likely to treat the owner’s property with respect, so this type of service truly helps everyone involved. I have already recommended your company on a few occasions and will continue to do so. Should we ever be in a position to offer a property for rent in Vancouver in the future, we will definitely contact you first.
Thank you Lisa and Nic, I appreciate all that your team has been done over the last few years.
Thank you for the exemplary service you’ve given me throughout the years. I always felt confident that my suites and tenants were well taken cared of.